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Sports Kiss Rebreather Baby Booster Micro Booster
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Sport Kiss Rebreather

The Sport KISS is the newest KISS rebreather. It is a small, light weight rebreather which has been designed for recreational divers. Jetsam has been working on the Sport KISS for approximately two and a half years. We are now starting to manufacture, assemble and ship this rebreather.

As many of the components for the Sport are injection molded, we hope to have units in stock at all times. As this is a new product, it may take us a few months to reach this goal. If you are interested in purchasing a unit when we are sold out, we will take your name and contact information and notify you when we have a unit ready. No deposit is ever required.

This rebreather has NOT been tested by the US Navy, DCIEM or any other organization, it is NOT CE approved and the only guarantee that it comes with is that it is absolutely capable of killing you. You are buying a set of components that you will have to assemble, test, and add your own tanks, BC, sensors, and other components before it is usable. More than 140 people have done this already with minimal difficulty.

Also, training is now a requirement for purchasing a KISS rebreather. There are a number of agencies which have a KISS specific course. Please see Instruction on the menu bar for a list of contacts.

The legal profession has a saying that "a man who acts as his own council has a fool for a client". The same can be said about learning to dive a rebreather on your own.