Best source for oxygen sensors, 02 analyzers, miscellaneous rebreather parts. Great site with teardown photos of more rebreathers than you are ever likely to see anywhere else. If you only subscribe to one rebreather list this is the one. Anyone who knows anything about rebreathers is on here. Lots of information without the hype and BS found on Techdiver. Makers of the Buddy Inspiration. Fully automatic CCR with more units sold than anyone else. Draeger has been making rebreathers longer than anybody else. Two semi-closed models with a good safety record and some record dives to go with it. Rodney Nairne's site. He makes some lovely scooters and has a lot of experience with CCR's. Read the articles! Especially the one about Helium. If you don't use it you are retarded. And you're really retarded by the time you get to 100 feet. Another nice fully automatic CCR made by Peter Ready. A well developed rebreather with sales to various military organizations. If you are in the market for a Mk15 rebreather this is the man to contact. If he doesn't have it or know about it he can put you in touch with someone who does. One of the names you will run into regularly in conjunction with rebreathers is Richard Pyle. I suggest you find and read everything he has ever written about rebreathers. Read it, understand it and you will have a better chance of surviving. A fabulous source of information about rebreathers and especially homebuilt rebreathers. If you can't learn anything from this site I suggest you take up something besides diving. You're obviously too arrogant for rebreathers. Pay attention to the articles by Walter Starck. If you don't recognize the name do a quick search for Electrolung and find out why he's important. Homebuilders paradise. Lots of information presented in an entertaining way. Lots of information here but pay attention to the incident reports. This is serious stuff. One of the best rebreather articles ever written. Print it out, memorize it, and recite it while you do your predive checks. Well, maybe that's a little extreme. But not much. Joe Dituri provides training on most rebreathers, but not the KISS. :-( He has never killed a student though most were convinced he was trying to. :-)
Nice site except for that horrible background that makes you think your screen is dirty. One of the best tech diving magazines around. This is Ron Fuller's site. Ron died while diving the Frog rebreather pictured here. Look over the site and think about it. The people dieing while using rebreathers are real people like Ron with wives, children, and a lot to live for. Rebreathers aren't toys and no matter who you are if you f**ck up they will kill you.



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