As with most rebreathers, training is a requirement for purchasing a KISS rebreather. Training can be done prior to purchasing a unit or in conjunction with purchasing a unit.

Those that have completed training will need to email or fax a copy of their certification card to our office. This should go to the attention of Kim Smith ( . If you have not yet completed your training we can still ship your unit. However, the oxygen manual-add valve will be sent to your instructor. This way, you will not be able to dive the unit until you start your course.

KISS courses are set up through a number of training agencies. Information about these agencies and links to their websites are available by clicking one of the below agency icons. The instructor you choose must be a KISS certified and insured instructor that works with one of these agencies.

ANDI International Course Description:
Closed Circuit Rebreather, KISS Specific Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver, KISS Specific - ( CCR Level 2 & CCR Level 3 ) Text : Recreational Diving with Closed Circuit Rebreathers; Jetsam KISS Rebreather by Joe Radomski & Ed Betts

This is a complete, product specific diver-training program geared towards diving with the Jetsam KISS rebreathers. ANDI offers multi-levels of instruction beginning with the Level- II, “entry level program” geared towards advanced sport diving applications. Opportunities then proceed to Level-III (technical diving with the KISS rebreathers ) and then beyond into exploration diving (Levels IV & V). The sport diving program is comprised of three parts. Part-I consists of cognitive rebreather theory (approx. 18 hours), Part-II provides confined water experience utilizing the KISS rebreathers (minimum of 240 minutes of bottom time) and Part-III allows for Openwater diving (6-dives accumulating no less than 300 minutes of bottom time).

Prerequisites: The Level-II sport diver training is open to all Openwater certified divers having logged at least 50 Open Circuit dives and who are also certified as an ANDI Complete SafeAir7 User or equivalent. Level-III training requires that they currently be certified on the KISS rebreather, that they have logged at least 25 Closed Circuit dives, and completed the ANDI Level-III SafeAir7 program (Technical SafeAir7 Diver or equivalent).
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IANTD Is The World's Largest Scuba Diving Training Organization Of Open Water, Nitrox, Enriched Air, Overhead Environment, Cave, Wreck, Rebreather, Trimix, Gas Blenders, Technical Scuba Divers, Instructors and Instructor Trainers and now Free Diving.
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PSA International Training Philosophy

Welcome to the Professional Scuba Association International, (PSAI). Hal Watts, as PSAI CEO and Founder, extend to you personal thanks for choosing PSAI as your agency for instructing diving programs. PSAI was organized to offer the basic recreational diver, training programs to expand their diving KNOWLEDGE, SAFETY, and INTEGRITY, thus our logo, which we refer to as The Golden Triangle.

KNOWLEDGE is an intangible that can be gained only through experience. A knowledgeable person is someone who is well informed. We have been 100% involved in teaching SCUBA since 1962 and have trained seven World Record Deep Air divers. Since the beginning of PSAI, Hal has been personally involved in all of our instructor training programs. In the knowledge department, the record speaks for itself.

SAFETY is defined as, “being free from harm, unhurt, sound, protected, and sure.” PSAI offers the diving public just that, SAFETY. When you learn, understand, and follow the SAFETY guidelines taught in all PSAI courses, you should be protected from the causes of many diving accidents. However, remember the adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” A PSAI Extended Range Diving Instructor (ERDI) can only “teach” you what to do or not do, they can not “learn” you anything. The PSAI safety guidelines are the best in the diving industry.

INTEGRITY is best defined as, “being honest and upright.” PSAI strives to have its entire member ERDIs maintain honesty in all their dealings with the diving public. PSAI is the only agency that does not offer the mass of instructors the title of Instructor Trainer (IT). This is to maintain the integrity of our very foundation. PSAI will not compromise integrity or quality by putting out a hoard of ITs. This would be what the industry refers to as “the cookie cutter” syndrome.
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IART, the International Association of Rebreather Trainers, was founded in 1997 after Hubert Stieve and Peter Grosserhode recognised that the growth of rebreather technology in recreational diving was not without great safety risks and organizational problems for the established recreational diver training agencies and clubs. Too great was the difference in required knowledge, ability und discipline.

IART quickly established itself as the leading rebreather training agency in Germany - its country of origin - and over the last two years, under the new management of Chris Ullmann and Neil Matthews, the organization has begun to spread rapidly to other lands. Regional Offices now exist for Scandinavia, the UK, Spain, Holland, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Thailand. These offices provide support for IART members as far afield as New Zealand and Micronesia and Scotland and Sweden.

IART has the aim, through uncompromising teaching standards, to further the use of Nitrox and Trimix and to make rebreather diving as safe as possible. These aims and the ways to achieve them are continually reviewed and adapted. IART has and will closely follow the future development of rebreathers and continue to make recommendations and promptly adapt its training programmes to keep pace with newly emerging technology.
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