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KISS Rebreather If you have arrived at this web site wondering what a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) is then go to the links page and spend some time reading. Others have explained the basics of CCR much better than I can. Pay particular attention to the hazards of rebreather diving mentioned in these explanations. CCR's have claimed the lives of brilliant Nobel prize winners, experienced scientific divers, and rebreather instructors. No-one is immune to the risk. You can live for a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen. A CCR can kill you in a matter of minutes and only you can prevent it from killing you. People have died while using the most sophisticated rebreathers in existence which have multiple computers, warning lights, audible alarms, etc. Hundreds more people have died using the simplest rebreather in existence, a plastic bag tied over their head. It is more difficult to kill yourself with the plastic bag.

No amount of technology will render a CCR "safe". Only the user can make a rebreather safe.

The person who does the pre-dive testing of a rebreather is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the rebreather. This is always the diver. This is something that can never be delegated. Assembly of the rebreather could be handled by a technician but I firmly believe that if you can't strip, maintain, and assemble your rebreather you shouldn't be diving it.

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