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The rebreather designed by aliens.

Powered counter-lung and many other oddities. Check out the East German gas mask hoses.

Rerbreather Mk I.

Contemplating a burial at sea.

Rebreather Mk II.

More conventional SCR layout.

Same East German gas mask hoses.

Rebreather Mk II SCR.

It was horribly heavy with terrible breathing resistance. But then, I didn't know any better.

Rebreather Mk II SCR.

Voyeur Shot. Watching starfish breed.

Rebreather Mk II.

On the HMS Saskatchewan.

Current model rebreather with torque controlled O2 & diluent add built into the mouthpiece.

Cloud sponges.

One of the reasons for diving British Columbia.


All photos taken, and used with permission, by Dan Reinders.



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