Alan's road to rebreathers started out many years ago, with a passion for photography. He traveled the world as a still wildlife photographer. His photographs featured in numerous wildlife publications. Alan combined his still photography and diving talents, and then progressed into underwater film and videography. Some of his work with sea otters and sharks amongst other marine life has aired on ABC, NBC, Show Time, The Learning Channel and syndicated television. He recently co-produced, Discover California Diving, DVD/CD, promoting diving in California.

Like most underwater photographers, Alan grew interested in rebreathers to get closer to the wildlife and also to extend his bottom times. In order to determine which unit to purchase, he booked a trip on a “rebreather only” dive charter and followed 8 divers around with a video camera. After studying the units, Alan honed in on the Classic KISS CCR. He followed the KISS diver around for a few dives and learned as much as he could about the unit. When the trip was over, the diver offered to introduce Alan to Gordon and Kim Smith, who manufactured the KISS rebreathers. As luck would have it the charter was run out of Vancouver, BC; home base for Jetsam Technologies. After a 3 hour chat with Gordon, Alan placed his order and in March 2001, he became the proud owner of Classic KISS #36.

As a gear fanatic with a variety of equipment to carry around, the KISS systems are best suited for Alan. They are light weight, reliable, rugged and time tested. Whether swimming or scootering the drag is minimal and trimming for buoyancy is effortless. Alan has found that the set up, break down, and cleaning are very quick compared to other units he has been around.

Alan's past experience includes owning and operating a dive center in Napa, California, as well as teaching open water dive courses for many years. In the late 1980's Alan started leaning toward more technical diving and started the transition from semi-closed rebreathers to fully closed circuit rebreathers. He now only teaches the KISS rebreather courses; user up to instructor. With his background in sales, gear maintenance, instruction and photography, and his knowledge of the KISS systems, he makes an ideal sales agent for Jetsam Technologies.