Dave Harasti


Dave Harasti is a marine scientist in Australia who has been working on threatened marine species (sharks, seahorses and fish) for the past 10 years. Dave is currently doing his PhD in his spare time on the conservation of seahorses and is examining the role that marine protected areas could provide in their protection.

He has been diving for 11 years and in that time he has developed a passion for marine life and underwater photography.

His photography has been internationally recognised. He has recently won several major photography competitions including the Australasian Digital Photographer of the Year 2003, the Australasian Digital Download 2004, Dive OZ Digital Shootout 2004 and the 2005 OZTek Underwater Photo Competition. Dave's digital underwater system of choice is a Nikon D80 in an Ikelite housing with dual Ikelite DS125 strobes.

He has been fortunate enough to dive in many locations around the world with his favourite destinations being Papua New Guinea, Rowley Shoals and Northern Sulawesi. His favourite dive sites however are located in his backyard with the fabulous shore diving of Nelson Bay.

In 2005 he ventured into the rebreather world with the purchase of a Sports Kiss. He wanted a rebreather as it would extend his bottom times and allow him to get closer to marine life for photography. He chose the Sports KISS because of its simplicity, small size which made it easier to travel with and its excellent value for money. He’s given the unit a considerable flogging with about 200 dives conducted on it over the past 2 years.

More of his work can be seen at his website: