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We understand that on occasion there are those who have not been able to get an email through to us. If you have experienced this problem, please attach the error message that you received to a new email and forward it to Mark Gulbinowicz in our systems department. His email is mark@netpro-inc.net.

We apologize for any difficulties that you may have in communicating with us. With the large number of spam emails and our new spam control software, we are working diligently to adjust the filters to better separate the spam from legitimate email. We appreicate your patience and understanding.

Jetsam Technologies Ltd.

2817 Murray St.
Port Moody BC
Canada V3H 1X3

Phone: 604-469-9176

Fax: 604-469-9974

For information and sales of rebreathers and boosters, please contact Kim Smith at info@jetsam.ca

For information and sales of parts, service work and warranty issues, please contact Evelyne kmjt@jetsam.ca


Any person who owns a KISS rebreather, new or used, is invited to join us on the KISS forum.

If you would like an invitation sent to you, please email Kim, at info@jetsam.ca, your name, email address, unit type and unit serial number. If the unit was purchased used, we will also need to know who the unit was purchased from.