The Jetsam Technologies rebreathers, boosters, displays and mouthpieces are warranted for the period of 1 year.

All warranty and service work should be returned to our warehouse.

The warranty applies to the original owner only.
Mistreatment or neglect of the products will void the warranty.
Parts not covered by the warranty are batteries and sensors.
Circuit boards and meters sold separately (without the case) are not covered under the warranty.
Warranty cards shipped with rebreathers, boosters, displays and mouthpieces must be completed and returned to Jetsam for the warranty to be valid.
Original, completed liability waivers must be on file for the rebreather warranty to be valid.
We are unable to determine if the parts are covered by the warranty until they have been inspected.
Prior to shipping, please contact Evelyne Mikusch at to inform her of the shipment. You will need to print out the warranty/service form, fill it in and ship it with your item. The warranty/service form is available at the bottom left of this page.
Your product should be returned to us with the following items:
1. A copy of your original purchase receipt.
2. The warranty/service form.
Carefully box up the items being returned. Jetsam Technologies is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipping. Ensure that the items are properly padded and shipped in a strong box, and also that it is well sealed. (Don’t forget to insert the above mentioned paperwork!)
Please write in large clear letters, WARRANTY RETURN, MADE IN CANADA on the outside of the parcel and on any paperwork. This is important as otherwise Canada Customs will charge us a brokerage fee and duties.
The parcel may be shipped via the post office or a courier. All shipments must be prepaid and insured. Any fees that Jetsam incurs must be paid for by the shipper. This includes duties and brokerage fees for the item re-entering Canada. Note that if you ship via a courier such as UPS or Federal Express, there will be a brokerage fee, even if there are no duties. While there may be no charges for the warranty work, this brokerage fee must be paid for by the shipper.
Ship Items to:

Jetsam Technologies
Attn: Warranty Department
2817 Murray Street
Port Moody, BC V3H 1X3 Canada
Ph: 1 604 469 9176